Rachelle Summers


If you would like to see references from people that have worked with me before then please follow the links to my online portfolios below:


PURESTORM - 170+ REFERENCES - click here!

PURPLEPORT - 1000+ REFERENCES - click here!


Always make sure I wear loose clothing before a topless/nude shoot to avoid marks on the skin.

No tattoos. Only piercings I have are my ears  (can be removed upon request).

Natural breasts.

I am known for having very clear skin as have no scars and do not suffer from spots/dry skin. However in the summer when working on location shoots I am prone to bites so please be aware of this when booking me.

As my references will show you I am very reliable, motivated and friendly. I have a very professional attitude but do love to build good working relationships and keep my shoots as fun as they are productive.