Rachelle Summers

I'm Rachelle, a full time professional model based in Northumberland,  in the North-East of England. I do however travel all over the UK and further afield if requested. Feel free to check my calendar/upcoming tours to see if I have any free time whilst in your area, or contact me to request that I tour your area next!


Hope you find the time to have a peek at my gallery, and if you would like to get in touch with me then follow the contact link above :)



HAMPSHIRE                                                        NORTH WEST                                                            SCOTLAND

1st - 8th February                                           14th - 16th February                                           17th -19th February

Fully booked                                               Half day available on 14th                                                  Fully booked


LONDON                                                                  MIDLANDS                                                                          KENT

28th February - 5th March                              15th - 21st March                                                       4th - 9th April

2 hours available on 1st                                         Fully booked                           Availability on 7th, 8th and 9th