My terms and conditions are for guidance, and although I ask to be treated with respect to my profession, I am also a fair and understanding person. If you have any queries about any of these points please don't hesitate to contact me.


1. Payment can be made in cash or via direct bank transfer. No cheques accepted! Cancellation fees will only be accepted via bank transfer - online or at store branch - no cash/cheques sent via post.

2. If you require me to travel to you for a shoot I am happy to do as long as my expenses are covered. I will drive for shoots within 2hours of my home, any furrther would be via train. I have a young persons railcard which gets me 1/3 off travel!



Location shoots - As a general rule I will allow 1 hour before the shoot and 1 hour after the shoot for travelling on a full day and half an hour either side on half day shoots. Any time spent travelling after this comes out of the time you are paying me for. If you only want to book me for 2 hours do not expect me to travel 2+ hours with you to and from the location for free.


I advise that you have a Plan B as I will need to be paid in full whatever happens  - I understand that we have no control over weather conditions, but I can not afford unpaid days when I could otherwise have had a paid booking from someone else.



Once we have a shoot confirmed if you cancel then there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed rate, regardless of how soon you let me know. Please be sure you are happy with this before confirming, a lot of companies take non refundable deposits that you do not get back even if you cancel with a months notice. This is no different, I simply choose to charge upon cancellation rather than take deposits in advance.


No shows/late cancellations will require full payment as at this point I will struggle to replace the day you have taken in my diary with another booking. Please be aware that when you book me on a tour last minute does not always mean within a few days. I book my tours 3 months in advance for a reason, as generally when you get within a few weeks of the tour it becomes very difficult to fill a cancelled booking. I will always endeveour to fill a cancellation of course however if it is left unfilled you will still need to pay me in full in this instance. Please do not take a slot on my tour if you are not happy with these terms, as my tours are what pay my bills and I can't be expected to suffer financially if you cancel and refuse to honour my terms and conditions.


If I have booked train tickets out of my own pocket in advance of the shoot these will always need re-imbursed in event of cancellation, on top of the cancellation fee. They can not be refunded and are useless to me if the shoot is no longer going ahead.

Terms & Conditions


  3. I am registered as a limited company so will ALWAYS need an invoice signed. If you are not happy signing one then I won't be able to work with you.

  4. I will need a full address of where we'll be working (rough idea for location work), full name, email address & contact number in advance. For location/if you will be driving me anywhere, I will also need your car reg. number.  I will not be able to work with you without these details as they are for security purposes and no booking is worth potentially risking my safety.

 6. Unless otherwise agreed, once you book me for a specified length of time I must be paid the agreed fee! - despite if you are late/decide to finish earlier/can't find a location and waste time looking for it.

7. I have the right to refuse to pose for any theme/style of shot on the day that I am not comfortable with if you have not previously informed me of it. If this results in you cutting the shoot short then I will still require full payment as it is not my fault if you are not up front and honest about the nature of the shoot. So the best thing to do is to explain what you require in as much detail as possible before the shoot - and feel free to send example images to me.